DORN Ribs Selfhelp Exercises

Special DORN Selfhelp Exercise

Frequency: Several times daily recommended, minimum once a day!

How to do this exercises:

Place one hand with the ball of thumb in the center of the chest where the ribs attach to the sternum and apply careful pressure directed towards the shoulder.

In this example the right hand is on the left side of the sternum and pressure is directed to the left shoulder.

While pressing the shoulder (only shoulder!) is rotating upwards and backwards and one exhales and back downwards and to front when on inhales.

The pressing hand now slowly slides outwards while the shoulder rotation is continued.

Repeat this action at different positions of the chest (more up or down) to guide all the ribs to best alignment

Do the same on the other side of the body.

Instead of the hand one can also use the fingertips to apply the pressure.

Time required: Approx. 1 to 2 minutes.

dorn selfhelp exercises dorn selfhelp exercises

Additional posibility: Pressing with fingertips

dorn selfhelp exercises dorn selfhelp exercises

Careful this exercise can be a little unpleasant but must cause too much pain!

It is recommended to use some massage oil for a better sliding and not too much friction.

The arm on the side of the rotation shoulder should just relax and hanging down and try to move only the shoulder in this exercise.

DORN Selfhelp Exercises Ribs Video:


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Please note: Do not exercise after any injury following an accident and do not exercise if you experience fever, migraine or inflammations. The exercises must not cause any pain while doing them and it is best to repeat them more often than doing them too intensive. Do not hold your breath during the exercises. » All exercises must be done balanced on both sides of the body regardless where the problem is. Best results are achieved if all exercises are done several times a day for the first two month then at least once a day after that time. This however should be accompanied by the prevention (avoid wrong movements) and maintenance (muscular treatments like therapeutic massage and correct muscle training. The 3 tools for Self Healing: Prevention - Therapy (selfhelp) – Maintenance.  Although the DORN Method Selfhelp Exercises are very safe if done careful and in the correct way unforeseeable reactions during the adjustment period are possible. Full Self Responsibility rests on the Practitioner of the DORN Method Selfhelp Exercises.

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